Signs and wonders healing, miracles

Signs, Wonders, Healing and Miracles

Daniel 4:3 How great are his signs! and how mighty are his wonders! his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,

and his dominion is from generation to generation.

I received a quick healing a Saturday evening when Phil was at Ekklesia Church in Bentonville. Previous to Phil coming that time, I had been suffering painfully for about three weeks with what I now know for sure was a urinary tract infection. I had been suspecting that the previously diagnosed 7mm stone was just trying to pass, but I think I can once again safely assume that Jesus had already dissolved the stone, and I only had an infection. I felt a huge assurance when I asked Phil to pray for me that evening. He went at it very passionately and aggressively. The next morning when I awoke and went to the bathroom, the pain and the burning were entirely GONE! Such blessed relief! W.W.

Just had to let you know that the power and presence of God was so wonderful (at the 2013 World Missions Conference). We are so glad we came because we almost didn't. The enemy really tried to discourage us from going, everything from not feeling well to you really can't afford it. Thank God we pushed through. The dagger of doubt taken out of me and the wound of losing my son is HEALED in Jesus name. When you spoke out the right hip Thursday night as you passed our row I knew it was Mike's healing. Even though he doesn't understand the workings of the Holy Spirit much yet he received it and is healed. He needed a hip replacement and God gave it to him. Everyday he wakes up and says my hip don't hurt and he is thanking God for it. Also Pastor Baker said his lung was being healed Mike only had only 19% breathing capacity. He has walked and done things around the house since we been home when before he would have to sit every few minutes to catch his breath. Glory be to the Father and thank you so much for your obedience to Him. J.M.

I had been having problems with severe pain in the left heel of my foot, so bad at times I would limp. And it would come and go. If I worked out or planted my foot a certain way it would flare up. Also I praise and worship with all my heart I do a lot of dancing, jumping, shouting, you know what the bible says to do when you get your praise on. So I was at the Springfield Il. Conference and I was praising God, jumping and dancing and doing fine, no problem. And then the pain came out of nowhere. I just kept praising, ''gingerly'' landing on my left foot. Then Phil began to ''sing'' out words of knowledge for healing. He began to say that feet are being healed. And I was like YES! I receive this I need this NOW, this is from God. And the pain went away and has never came back! I am so grateful. That pain had become sooooo.... annoying. I have been pain free to work out, and jump and dance for the glory of God! HALLELUJAH!!!! J.H.

I attended the 2012 World Missions Conference in Branson and had a joyful time in the Lord. I thank God for healing my left shoulder while I was there in one of the services. I'm looking forward to attending next year. J.C.

Report from Harvest Projects Revival Center in Mansfield MO:Phil called out a word of knowledge about pain in people’s heels and at least six people received their healing. They are still testifying how good it is to walk without pain. One man had pain for fifteen years every day. In another service Phil called out for necks and upper backs. Several had operations with no relief until Phil ministered to them. One a beautician has had no more pain after being on her feet all day since that service. Three have been healed of diabetes confirmed by the doctors. Some people’s hearts were healed and their blood pressure is normal. There is always many healings when Phil ministers here.

A few days ago I discovered a growth under my left arm. I had been having some discomfort up and down my arm for sometime but just thought it was from overuse. When I moved I could feel tightness underneath my arm and that is how I discovered the growth. We attended the meeting in Mansfield where Bro. Phil was preaching and while he ministered the Word the area of the growth started itching and tingling. I knew God was doing something and when I got in line to give my testimony Bro. Phil and Pastors prayed for me. After I went back to my seat there seemed to be a patch of hot under my arm. I could feel it deep and it lasted quite a while. Within a couple of days, no more tightness, tingling, burning or itching. Thank you Jesus for healing me!! J.W.

I had e-mailed you for prayer for my husband who had a stroke while driving but mainly I asked for his eyes to be opened. THEN 10 months & 4 days after you prophesied he would accept Jesus as his LORD he did!!!! His eyes are better and we are expecting full healing for his eyes and that there would be no evidence of a stroke or strokes in his brain. His brain will be totally healed also. J. W.

I want to give God all the praise and glory. Several months ago, I gave a testimony concerning the radiation treatments I had to take, but that was not all of the story. The doctor also found a tumor in my stomach and wanted me to start another round of chemo. In the meantime, I got an emergency call from California, and my son had been diagnosis with colon cancer. I immediately was on an airplane heading to California, not thinking or concern with my illness. I prayed to the Lord, I called Prophet Phil, he was on his way to Romania, but he stopped what he was doing and prayed for my son and me. Many prayers have went up for the both of us, The Lord had assured me that we will live and not die. Today, we both are facing challenges, but we are standing on God's word. At one of the meetings in Springfield Illinois, Prophet Rich had prophesied to me and he also told me that we were much alike, and he has imparted so many wonderful things to me from God. My faith in God has excelled so high, I do not doubt the Lord for HIS WORD is TRUTH. I'm not worried or afraid because the outcome will be of God's Will. I have to get my testimony out so I can be able to help someone who doesn't have my kind of faith. God bless each of you and your prayers. E.T.

First I must give honor to this ministry, Prophet Phil and his family has been used to change my life since the moment we met. In late June of this year I had been diagnosed with a 6mm Keori. In layman's terms I had a mass of tissue pressing against my spinal cord. There's only 7mm of space between the brain and skull. This discovery was made on a standard CT scan. I saw a neurosurgeon and he explained the procedure to my husband and I. To say the least the prognosis wasn't good. Prophet Phil made a stop on the Fourth of July that changed my life. My mother a faithful member of Joshua House Prophetic center was attending service that Sunday and requested prayer for me and my condition. Prophet Phil anointed a cloth, spoke the Word of the Lord and gave directions on what to do with the cloth. As soon as I was given the cloth I did as the Prophet instructed. This cloth remained on my head for the next 48 hours. It never moved. On the 3rd day it was if it had vanished and along with it that kiore began to shrink. We had a Tessla MRI done. It has 300x the magnification of a standard MRI. The growth had shrunk 3mm. We then saw a neurologist who at first sight told us that the surgery was our only option. My husband and I looked at each other and shook our heads refusing to accept less than what Prophet Phil had spoke. She then told us she was going to confer with our surgeon. The surgeon again reviewed the films from the time we saw them at the neurologist office. Believe me even at 3mm it was very visible. By the time the surgeon reviewed them again the keori had completely disappeared!! Thank You Jesus for Your Healing Power!! I have a letter from the surgeon himself stating that there is absolutely no kiore present and there are no signs of any congenital defects in my brain!! Thank you so much Prophet Phil for your obedience to God. May God Richly Bless You and Your Wonderful Family. V. R.

I had the privilege of experiencing the awesome anointing of Apostle Phil Rich when he came to Plain City, Ohio in May, 2009. On one particular evening he spoke that the Lord wanted us to give a special sacrificial offering so that our children would receive a blessing from the Lord and through our obedience we would be blessed as well. I had already made out my check to give, but knew that word was for me. So I tore up the check that I had originally written and increased the amount by 5 times. I was in no position to give what I did not have, but I took a leap of faith on my daughter's behalf. She was scheduled to go to Texas to see her husband graduate from basic training in the Air Force. He had not yet received any pay and she was unemployed with only $13.00 in her bank account. Within 2 days the Lord sent two different individuals to buy a bed and a car that she had advertised on Craig's List for more than 6 months and she was blessed with $6600.00! In addition to that, my husband was planning a trip for us to Virginia to see our son and his family and we had NO money. Within 3 days the Lord took my sacrificial offering and increased it by ten times! I never cease to be amazed by what God will do if we just trust Him and be obedient to what Holy Spirit tells us through His prophets and apostles. I feel so blessed to have sat under Apostle Phil's teaching and have learned so much from him. I am amazed at his deep wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Word and I love his sense of humor. I realize that he has spent many, many years studying to obtain all that he teaches under the powerful anointing of Holy Spirit and look forward to his next visit here. V.E.

A couple weeks ago, I took a CA125, which is a cancer blood test. A normal blood count is 34 or under, and my count went up to 153. It was a few months ago my count was 26. So the doctor wanted me to do a Cat scan. I took the test and it turned out, what they said it was to be a tumor of about 2 centimeters big. The doctor wanted me to be in a cancer research program, or to take more chemo in which it was suppose to kill all cancer cells of the previous cancer that had been diagnose on me before. The Lord wanted me to trust HIM. I called Prophet Rich and we talked and he prayed for me. I made the decision to trust God. I know the Lord sent HIS Word to heal me and HIS Word is TRUTH. While at a prayer conference that Pastor Ida and I taught in Tulsa OK, on Saturday the 17th, 2010, I went expecting a miraculous healing, and the Lord healed me. The tumor came out, just like the Lord had spoken to me. What a mighty God we serve. The Lord had spoken to me about having "Now Faith"; it was that right now faith, that God had called me faithful. In that same meeting several other miracles happen. A man was blind in his left eye, and he began to see, another had knee problems and his knees were healed. What a GREAT and AWESOME GOD. Please continue to keep me in prayer that I will forever more do the WILL of God. E.T.

We were in a meeting with Prophet Phil and he gave a word that a family member was getting healed in the knee. My Dad had been suffering with knee pain to the point that he could hardly walk. We immediately prayed for him and received this word for him. My dad came over Tuesday to have lunch with us and was walking without his cane and no pain. He said that he did not go to the doctor that his knee just got well on its own. We gave him the report about the prayer and give all the glory to God. J.W.

I received a healing while Phil Rich was in Ohio the ministry from a lump I felt one morning. I also received an anointing from Ekklisia's newsletter regarding being mighty through the grace of God. J.S.

We just had a great series of meetings at Carmel Christian Center. We learned about REJOICING! And we did REJOICE and continue to do so. Phil is always a blessing and an amazing teacher. I was healed of a goiter at one of our meetings. I was feeling something going on and did not know what was happening. Phil said throats are being healed. He looked at me and said he saw it in the spirit that I was just healed. He asked me what just happened and I realized air was flowing down both sides of my throat and my goiter was gone! I could feel my throat and there was no raised and filled in area. The final test was when I got home and went to bed. When I lay on my side a wheezing noise would come from my body. There was no noise! B.D.

The first night Phil Rich was in Centerton, AR, I had a migraine so painful during the service I felt physically sick. But I wasn't going to leave, I knew only Jesus could heal me and that is what Prophet Phil came to do, let Jesus do His work. I waited all service and at the end I received prayer from the prayer team and Jesus healed me. If you have had a migraine you know that you think you would feel better to just cut your head off. I thank Jesus for taking away that awful pain. Nothing is too difficult for Him. He made you from dust. Just ask Him. Thank you Prophet Phil, Chris and Amber for sacrificing of yourselves so others can be blessed. C.M.

I just have to praise God. The Lord said He was repairing some parts around my heart when Phil Rich was at our church, Harvest Projects Revival Center, on 10/23/09. Well, I went to the cardiologist did an echocardiogram on my heart and didn't find anything wrong, that's because God gave me a miracle. I am so thankful that God is still in the miracle working business. Praise God! Praise God! A.M.

I just have to give this testimony to something that happened in October, 2009. Phil said that there was someone in the meeting who had a surgery and it didn't heal right. I knew that was me so I went up front and explained that I had a hysterectomy 4 years ago due to almost having cervical cancer. Ever since then I have felt that something wasn't right and he said it was internal. When they laid hands on me I felt the power of God and it felt like a release of something inside of me. I also said that I had a sleep study done three weeks before the meeting and I was being sent to a cardiologist the next Tuesday to have several heart tests done because they said I had something wrong with the right side of my heart. Phil said that he seen it was inherited and had seen the Lord fixing some parts around my heart. When Pastor Ronnie and Phil laid their hands over my hand I felt the power of God shoot through me. It was like something was twirling around my heart. That continued all night. The next night was the first night I slept great in over a year. I just had to share this. Now when I go for my tests I can prove that satan is a liar and God is our miracle worker. I give God all the praise and glory. A.M.

In a Tuesday night service at Port Neches, the Spirit of the LORD spoke of a problem in a left eye. I stood up to receive a healing for a cataract in my left eye. You asked what the problem was and I told you. When you started to pray I closed my eyes. When you reached the number 7, I opened my left eye only and started looking at different lights in the ceiling. I was able the see the last stages of the halo effect leave and the clear vision return. I was told in April that no surgeries of any type could be performed on me and that I was going to have to live with it. The condition had reached the stage where my wife was going to have to drive at night. I drove home Tuesday seeing all the lights and road stripes clearly and praising God. B.

Report from Harvest Projects Revival Center in Mansfield MO:

Phil called out a word of knowledge about pain in people’s heels and at least six people received their healing. They are still