Missions testimonies

Missions Testimonies

Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

From Israel:

It is Izhak from Ashdod (the young men who spoke with you in the way to Eilat. Again I want to tell you that it was a short time for me with you but very precious. Thank you very much for the teaching you gave me about seeing in the spirit. I keep reading it and more and more understanding is coming. Indeed it is like a honey to me and I want more if it is possible according to what the Holy Spirit will guide you. Thank you very much. Greeting from me and my wife to you and to your wife. Peace and grace from our God the father and the lord yeshua. Amen!

From Nepal:

We do thank you and thank God because of your fervent prayers we could see many changes in Nepal. It shows that we HE is giving us time to sow more seeds of HIS kingdom. My sickness was healed thank you for your prayer. One of our Ezra (bible school) student is one who was taken by the Maoist in the midst of the Jungle three times but God saved him miraculously. Now even some of the Maoist soldiers attends that church service because they have seen and experienced that Jesus is real God and savior. Though they haven't left the Maoism, seeds were sowed. Now he has around 50 to 60 believers in his church last week only couple of Maoist (woman ) soldiers attended and accepted the Lord. God is using these ordinary Ezra alumni in an extra ordinary way in His Mission. Daniel; Sunammee Ghale

Note : the Ezra student you gave small pieces of clothes and prayed because of his father was paralyzed, (the father) was completely healed before he reaching home

Report from Alaska:

God told me that He was giving me a RlCH tool, that the waters were troubled for me and then Brother Rich visited our church in Alaska. Five years ago I shattered my wrist and was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. The result of tests that checked bone density show I have gone from Osteoporosis to Osteopenia (which means from very low bone mass to low bone mass). I also had a colonoscopy two years ago and had polyps removed. The doctor said it would have to be done every two years because they usually grow back and this is the place where the cancers begin. The last report was normal. There was no re-growth of the polyps, cysts or anything foreign. I also had discs and vertebrae that had deteriorated and caused sever pain for nearly twenty years. Previously needing to take pills three times a day just to keep moving, I have not had a pill since February 17. The Lord had told me that the pills caused me to retain weight and so now I am losing weight. This is the hour for Alaska to experience healing of spirit, soul and body, creative miracles, deliverance, blessings, and much, much more. Thanks to my pastor and to Phil Rich for being obedient to the Lord M.M.

Testimonies from Russia, December 2004:

The glory of God was powerfully manifested through the in-depth teaching and preaching and of course evident healings and miracles. The most unusual miracles for us were metal tooth crowns turning into golden, new regular teeth, golden signs on white fillings, etc.

In Syzran one young lady was getting ready for an artificial tooth and she had an inserted metal pin in her jaw. Well, the pin became golden.

One sister (a couple weeks in the Lord) came to the conference from another city and got discouraged on the first day. She told her pastor she was going back home because she said, "these ministers are mere charlatans". It took some effort for her pastor to persuade her to stay. Well, during the next three days she received three miracles one by one. First, the Lord healed her almost completely blind eye. She willingly stayed for more. The next morning she awoke to find out that her crushed tooth had become brand new. And finally, the Lord healed her from diabetes.

There was another new convert who came from a different city who developed a lethal cancer of the brain. He was in a constant pain and couldn't sleep without a morphine shot. The doctors urged him to be operated on in January but didn't give him any good chance. When he came he told his unsaved relatives that he would be healed. On the first night he sat on the very last row in a room with 700 seats which was almost full. He thought, "If that man is a prophet he will point at me and rebuke cancer". I interpreted for Phil and this was exactly how it happened. When the Holy Spirit started giving Phil words of knowledge for various people he pointed at the young man on the last row and rebuked the spirit of cancer. As the young man later testified he instantly felt intense burning sensation in his head and he knew he was healed. He came to his relatives with whom he stayed and testified of his healing. They all knew he had to take morphine to go to sleep, that night he didn't and for the first time in many years he slept well. The burning went on for another day and when he came up front to give his testimony, he said he felt like a new man, all pain and dizziness were gone.

Then on one night Phil preached on the glory of God and both of us struggled during the preaching and felt opposition. The glory came anyway manifesting itself in abundant "golden dust" on hands and faces of the people. The young man who was healed from brain cancer had the most of it and his face and hands looked like brushed with golden paint. He was running around wildly showing everyone what happened. Some people told me later that when they came home they washed their hands and the dust started appearing again right before their eyes. Many hearts were filled with more hunger for God and a lot of people repented and hopefully got saved.

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