Good reports

Good Reports

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest,

whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure,

whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue,

and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Going back almost 2 years, Prophet Phil came to the church in my town. On the second night of the meetings, God told me that since I was returning to my home town for a period of time, He had a job for me to do. I was going to be the vessel to bring sobriety to 2 people. I knew right away who He was talking about. Two of my brothers were in need of help.

One of my brothers hit me while I was trying to stop him from hurting his girlfriend. I called the police and he was arrested. I wrote the judge saying I wanted help for him and wanted him on probation to make him accountable. He was court ordered to attend a Christian treatment center. After he got out he went back to drinking.

During this time frame, my other brother was going thru his battles. He had an infant son who he was supposed to be watching, but instead he fell asleep on the couch. The baby found some stuff in his daddy's coat pocket and was checking it out. It was meth. God intervened and sent the baby’s mom home before the baby ingested anything. That brother was put in treatment also. He stayed with the program, is drug free and a great daddy. He is so very sorry and scared with how close he came to losing his son.

The first brother is now also clean, sober and doing great. Praise our one and only heavenly Father for a true miracle. He broke the bonds of evil from my 2 brothers. J.L.

While Phil Rich was at our church in Mansfield MO, on the last night he prayed for my husband and he said depression was leaving. When Phil touched his face he said he felt something come out of the side of his face. My husband did have plate silicone in the left side of his face and on June 28th he had surgery to take it out, but there was a knot in there the size of an orange. When Phil spoke that it came out. The knot was totally gone and is still gone. We give God all the praise. A.M.

I have many praise reports and testimonies that I believe have come from the manifold wisdom that I have learned from your teachings. Ever since you spoke a word to me to give sacrificially, God has done nothing but brought more increase in every area of mine and Mark's lives. From the moment that we both said "Here we are Lord, send us" He has done just that. He has made provision in every clime and circumstance, met every need, and poured out blessing after blessing upon us. We are on the verge of being completely debt-free and I don't think that would have happened had I not attended the meetings where you have ministered the Word of God so deeply in absolute truth! V.E.

I have been listening to the teaching The Source Brings the Resource. There is so much good knowledge in that first CD that I am going back to listen again and again. But what I want to share is an awesome revelation that the Holy Spirit gave me while I slept. I awoke saying what was in my spirit, “the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in me”. I have heard this for years and had it in my head and believed but something happened to get it into my spirit. As I was becoming awake I was saying this over and over with a new meaning to me. NOW when I speak the Word it is different. I have a new faith, a new sword, it is now inside of my spirit instead of my head. As Bro. Phil has taught us about covenant, and who we are in Jesus has brought new meaning to me. Thank you for being obedient in preaching and teaching us. JW

Back in June, 2010, you prophesied that I would be reunited with my daughter whom I have not seen since she was 3 days old!!! Well about a month after that I found her on Facebook!!! She is beautiful!! She is planning a road trip to come out here and meet me and the rest of our family!!! Thank you!! I now am a true believer in prophecy!!! H.F.

As I was listening to your teaching on Fire Baptism, the anointing fell so heavy upon me that I could do nothing but lay on the floor prostrate before God. I moved spiritually upright and began marching across my bedroom singing a song of praise when the Holy Spirit hit me so hard that a new "warrior spirit" came upon my tongue. I know without a shadow of a doubt I was repeating these words: I CAN HEAR THE RHYTHM OF THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH! Immediately Holy Spirit knocked me down to the floor, again on my face. This time, with eyes closed, I saw a single eye, that of a lion. I received no immediate revelation but something was dropped into my spirit: Jesus is described as The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Satan is described as going about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Thank you so much Apostle Phil. We I look forward to more revelation teaching during your next visit here to Plain City! V.E.

I am so amazed and happy with myself. I am finished with SOP Part II.

One amazing thing is that I am really feeling different inside. God just showed me a picture of myself as a fruit tree. He said, "Now you SEE what I have been doing with you the past few years. I have been sowing, growing, cultivating (pruning) you to produce fruit. NOW you will begin to see lots of fruit and it will be healthy fruit in your life". The Seer Anointing has been activated and I am SEEing into scriptures in a different way. WOW! WOW! WOW! J.W.

I had the privilege of experiencing the awesome anointing of Apostle Phil Rich when he came to Plain City, Ohio in May, 2009. On one particular evening he spoke that the Lord wanted us to give a special sacrificial offering so that our children would receive a blessing from the Lord and through our obedience we would be blessed as well. I had already made out my check to give, but knew that word was for me. So I tore up the check that I had originally written and increased the amount by 5 times. I was in no position to give what I did not have, but I took a leap of faith on my daughter's behalf. She was scheduled to go to Texas to see her husband graduate from basic training in the Air Force. He had not yet received any pay and she was unemployed with only $13.00 in her bank account. Within 2 days the Lord sent two different individuals to buy a bed and a car that she had advertised on Craig's List for more than 6 months and she was blessed with $6600.00! In addition to that, my husband was planning a trip for us to Virginia to see our son and his family and we had NO money. Within 3 days the Lord took my sacrificial offering and increased it by ten times! I never cease to be amazed by what God will do if we just trust Him and be obedient to what Holy Spirit tells us through His prophets and apostles. I feel so blessed to have sat under Apostle Phil's teaching and have learned so much from him. I am amazed at his deep wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Word and I love his sense of humor. I realize that he has spent many, many years studying to obtain all that he teaches under the powerful anointing of Holy Spirit and look forward to his next visit here. V.E.

I want to thank Prophet Phil for giving direct words from God and how they have changed my life. I attended a couple of services while he was here in Branson and he was teaching on how to reap your harvest. Being a warrior and taking back everything the enemy has tried to hold on to for years. Learning how to reap the harvest that is mine. I haven't had full time work in over two months and the very next Monday not only did I get a God sent position but I also found favor with someone who is a steamroller in helping me with a project that I've been trying to get off the ground for two and a half years. Let me tell you this is huge and it's only the favor of God. On the last Sunday night of the meetings Prophet Phil was about to take up an offering and the Lord spoke to me to give a certain amount that I did not have but I knew if God spoke it to me He would provide it. So I gave and then the very next day is when the windows of heaven begin to open and it is still pouring out. I am simply amazed of His grace and mercy and favor and provision. This truly the season for Reaping your Harvest with His Word. L.H.

I feel the School of The Prophets 1 is very thorough and informative, where others fail when you start into deeper and a more sure revelation. I felt very comfortable with the course, not that it was easy. D.D., Ohio

I just read "Extraordinary Miracles" and I too have been living this article. God told me to leave my job in Jan. 07 & to consecrate unto Him. He has given me seed to sow & bread for my table without fail. He told me 8 years ago it is a time to plant & sow your seed not go in debt. I am better off & sow more seed than my married friends with dual incomes! I was born to sow & live to give! My God is granting me the awesome privilege of financing this end time harvest! He has granted me the desire of my heart that He would allow me to do this for Him. I had to step out; trust Him; I've never looked back! Continue to use me Lord as you see fit! C.P.

It is uplifting and powerful to read these newsletters, I have an interest in learning more about the prophetic, and it is wonderful. I have heard Phil Rich preach several times, and it was very inspiring also, he knows how to bring it down to our understanding and teach it like it is. Thank you, Phil!!!! D.B.

God gave me a heart for missions at the World Missions Conference 2008 in Branson. God showed me that He allowed my Dad to give me my name because it means "warrior for provision for World Missions". I am now stepping into the destiny that God has for me. I have just returned from my first mission trip to Peru and I will never be the same. Thank you Prophet Phil Rich for teaching us truths. R.W. Mountain Home, AR

I've just got to give Praise to God. Just recently I was at your meetings at the Fountain of Life Church in Normal, Illinois and I believe it was on the last night you spoke about Heavenly currency. Well, about a year ago I had surgery for cancer. Medical bills piled very high and I just recently lost my job. Unemployment does pay too well. But getting along with God's grace and with my husband's check. Anyway, just the other day I received a letter from one of the medical places and they said my bill is PAID IN FULL. Along with it was even a refund check. The balance which I just checked on a couple months ago was at $145.00 and now they said I've overpaid and sent ME money. Oh, God is good. Be obedient, commune and even when we should do more than we do God is always faithful and loving to His children. Be Blessed

When I came I didn't know what to expect. God totally released me from the past. He has softened my heart beyond belief. It has changed the way I think and has given me love like I have never known. He has given me a heart for the nations. God filled me with joy and peace. I thank God for this (Missions) conference and the ones who obeyed to make it come to pass.

I wanted to thank God for how He allowed me to experience His awesome presence during the 2008 Ekklisia Missions Conference held in Branson MO. I am a Pastor in Okinawa, Japan and God blessed me tremendously during the meetings. Presently, I am encouraged, refreshed, and revived from having been a part of this great event. I received a prophetic word from David Norton during prayer and it has helped me receive confirmation, direction, and impartation for my life and the ministry. I praise God because I am no longer discouraged and frustrated. A couple of months earlier, God had been dealing with me about sowing seeds, but I wasn't sure where He wanted me to sow them While I was in the conference, God spoke to me that this was the place He wanted me to sow seed. I have been so stimulated in my soul by seeing God's hand move within this ministry and I am happy to be a partner with what God is doing. I am expecting God to do far more and I will write to share all that God is doing within God's Grace Ministries. A.W.

We are from Branson but have been a part of Prophet Phil's meetings in Mtn. Home, AR as well. In one of those meetings, our vehicle was in need of repair. The Lord put it on someone's heart to GIVE us a car in that meeting - not just any car but a Cadillac! R. & M.B. Branson, MO

When I came to the 2008 Missions Conference, I didn't know what to expect. God totally released me from the past. He has softened my heart beyond belief. He has changed the way I think. He has given me love like I have never known before. He has given me a heart for the nations. He has filled me with joy and peace. I thank God for this conference and the ones that obeyed that obeyed to make this come to pass.

We just wanted you to know how blessed we were at the missions conference. Our lives will never be the same. God has done a work deep within our spirit, mind and bodies. You had prayed for me at Pastor Ronnie's church. I had felt for a very long time that I was being "HELD" back from fulfilling my destiny. I couldn't pin point what it was. Prophet Phil you saw it in the spirit. It was a spirit of infirmity. Physical infirmity and there was another type of infirmity you seen also. I felt God wanted me to look it up in the Bible dictionary when I got home that night. So I did! A "weakness", indicating inability to produce results, is most frequently translated "infirmity" or infirmities. Romans 8:26 I am free! God Bless you! J.V.

I just want to thank Apostle Phil for such a tremendous time in Branson MO. It was truly a blessing. The Spirit of the Lord and His liberty was there every day! All of the things I have been praying for and answers that I have been seeking were answered in Missouri. Glory be to GOD!! I will be praying and supporting you ALL on spreading the Word of the LORD across the nations! L.H.

2008 is our year of covenant. Prophet Phil Rich is teaching us finances (Mountain Home, Arkansas) and we are watching God bring NEW things in our businesses as well as spiritual prosperity. J.W.

What an exciting time it was when you were in Springfield, Illinois. While praying to God during the prayer service, I asked God for a large amount of money. Later - weeks later - I won a million dollar ticket for the first time in my life. God was faithful. However, I later misplaced the ticket and can't find it. I still want to invest in the kingdom of God. I am sending in an offering now and will send more later because I want to invest a larger amount in the kingdom. B.S.

Have been listening [learning] to the Lord's message through you about the kingdom, about being kingly as you said. Anyway, it has greatly encouraged me to step out into what God would have me be; this kingdom revelation has also brought me much joy since then. I had been ''catching'' for you much of the night. Then you had a word for me that I was sensitive like you and could be toyed with a bit by the enemy. I believe there was revelation in that word also personally,...thank you for your obedience in bringing this teaching, which I know blessed many, looking forward to another visit from you. B.P.