Financial breakthrough

Financial Breakthrough

Luke 6:38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together,

and running over, shall men give into your bosom.

For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

Let me begin this testimony by saying: THIS IS THE YEAR FOR JUBILEE!!!

January 6, 2013 Prophet Phil was in Mansfield, MO for a series of meetings. Sunday morning the Glory of God came over him and he was physically trembling from head to toe. The Lord was saying to him that if anyone would give an offering right now that they would begin the process of getting out of debt. We quickly obeyed and last week the manifestation began. The first letter we received marked “cancellation of debt” in the amount of $3552. Yesterday I received a similar letter in the amount of $7431. I called the agency where these accounts had been for collection and they had no record at all. So I called the bank (Chase) where the letter had originated and they shared that every year this bank chooses accounts to be written off and we were chosen. This is not finished yet. Before the end of the year we are believing for complete debt-freedom. J.W.

I have many praise reports and testimonies that I believe have come from the manifold wisdom that I have learned from your teachings. Ever since you spoke a word to me to give sacrificially, God has done nothing but brought more increase in every area of mine and Mark's lives. From the moment that we both said "Here we are Lord, send us" He has done just that. He has made provision in every clime and circumstance, met every need, and poured out blessing after blessing upon us. We are on the verge of being completely debt-free and I don't think that would have happened had I not attended the meetings where you have ministered the Word of God so deeply in absolute truth! V.E.

Your message series on From faith to faith, coupled with Holy Spirit, brought about a tremendous financial blessing for me! God spoke to me during the meetings about what to give in my tithes and offerings, just as you said He would, but this time I put a need on my seed and the "angels" you spoke of being sent, they visited me today on my new job and with them they brought me a raise of $2.00 on the hour! I am so elated and yet feeling so humbled that God loves me so much. I gave with a willing and cheerful heart and God returned it to me double-fold! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!! V.E.

In Feb '10 I attended the Missions Conference in Branson. I pledged $80.00 per month to Ekklisia Ministries. I did not have it. I have given twice since then, and that only totaling $80.00. I have been a faithful tither to my local church, but desire to give more. I have talked to the Lord about it. I just received a new position making $8800 more per year. I now can pay my vow to Ekklisia! Praise God!

At the 2010 Missions Conference we gave one of the biggest offerings we've been able to give. To us it was a big thing, God used it to break the cycle of lack over us and since then He has provided more and more finances for us and for us to bless others. We are closing on our first house purchase and know it is directly connected to giving to the well fertilized soil of Ekklisia ministries. We give all the Glory to God, His mercy never ends and He loves to surprise His children! R.L.

God spoke to me through Prophet Phil when he was at Freedom Christian Fellowship in Port Neches, TX. The word I received was that after I graduated from school, I would get a job in the oil and gas industry. Not only did I get a job in that industry, I was immensely blessed by getting married and having a girl, something which was also prophesied. Praise God for Prophet Phil and his ministry. D.K.

In 2007, my husband and I lost our jobs and were in desperate financial need. The week of Prophet Phil's meeting we had run out of food and money. We went to the meeting, but told no one of our situation. Phil asked for anyone with a need to come forward. We did and then he said that God had told him earlier in the day that there was a family with a now need. When asked if we had a now need, all I could do was cry as the people of the church began to lay money at our feet. We received an entire months pay down to the dollar. Since that time we have been abundantly blessed. More blessed than we ever thought possible. The mentality of poverty was broken from our life. We switched over to kingdom economy and our life has never been the same. C.V.

We attended the 2009 World Missions Conference in Branson in February and pledged to begin monthly support. We saw a change in our finances even though we didn't start the pledge until April. That month we received a $25000 unexpected inheritance. There has been a change. G.V.

I am a prophetic teacher in the body of Christ in Springfield, IL and a financial partner of Phil Rich of Ekklisia Ministries, whom I consider my apostle and prophet. I have known Phil since 2004, taken his school of the Prophets courses, and now enjoy his regular visits to Christian Assembly Church in Springfield, IL together with pastors Roger and Linda Dennis. I have been a representative and teacher in the Financial Services industry for over 20 years but Apostle Phil has taught me more about giving and the spiritual power in making financial commitments than anyone I have ever known. I made a vow to support Ekklisia Ministries regularly back in November 2007 and by God's grace have been a faithful partner. As a result, my work in India and my marriage, my children, and every area of my life have prospered. Let me give glory to God in two specific examples of God working financial miracles for me as I have increased my financial partnership with Phil Rich and Ekklisia Ministries.

I had $43,000 invested in Freddie Mac stock on Friday September 5th, 2008. Just before the stock market closed at about 2:30 CST the Lord clearly said, "Go ahead and get out of the stock for I will show you something over this weekend." I obeyed and sold Freddie Mac at $5.08 per share on this Friday, September 5th, 2008. You remember what happened over that weekend? Well, the Federal Government took over Freddie Mac and it opened at only about $1.00 on Monday, September 8th! I know that the Lord kept me from losing over $32,000 because of my covenant connection with an apostle and prophet flowing in financial anointing. But the glorious grace continues.....Then having not lost the $43,000 on that Monday, September 8th, 2008 the Lord clearly instructed me to get back into Freddie Mac with the $43,000 and the stock was now at only 98 cents per share and turn around the very next day and capture a 9% gain getting out at $1.08 which resulted in about a $3,800 profit bringing my account to $46,800.

It was here at this point that the Lord asked me to give the $3,800 gain to Ekklisia Ministries. It is Phil Rich that has taught me how to prosper and God was testing whether I really had received the message yet! Well I am sorry to say that I did not obey Him. I share this disappointing news to those God has asked to make significant gifts to Ekklisia Ministries and you are debating on how or if to do so. There is very good news at the end of this story but first learn from my disobedience. Here is what happened next: On September 11th, 2008 having not listened to the Lord, I took my entire $46,800 and purchased 6000 shares of Lehman Brothers at what I thought was a "bargain" $7.60 per share and yes, the entire company went bankrupt over the next weekend! I disobeyed God and let the enemy rob me of the entire $46,800! Ouch!

But we serve a God of Second Chances! (and infinite chances by His grace!) This year I have increased my giving to Ekklisia Ministries and told the Lord that any substantial increase the tithe goes to Phil Rich and Ekklisia Ministries! So He gave me a victorious chance to go back and do it right and it did not start with a large account for those of you who are saying, "Yeah, but we don't have much to start with". I only had $15,250 in my savings when this financial blessing started. AGAIN, THE KEY, AS PHIL TEACHES IN HIS RECENT BOOK, "SEVEN KEYS TO MIRACLES" IS MAKING THE VOW AND THEN OBEYING IN FAITH no matter how little or large the initial seed!

Over the short period of two months from March 9th, 2009 until today, May, 9th, 2009 the stock market has rallied about 30%. But our God is doing far exceedingly above all that the world's economy has been able to muster up! With a commitment to make that significant gift this time, God has instructed me and given me literally 100% success in more than 30 stock trades. Yes, that's right, not one of my over 30 stock trades have lost one penny and the $15,250 invested in just two months has not turned into $38,360! WOW! Does that number look familiar? We are going to now tithe the $3,800 that I was supposed to give back there in September of 2008! WE SERVE THE GOD OF SECOND CHANCES AND IF HE IS ASKING YOU TO MAKE A SIGNIFICANT GIFT TO EKKLISIA MINISTRIES PLEASE OBEY HIM! HE WILL BLESS THAT SEED IN ENORMOUSLY PRODUCTIVE WAYS IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE! G.P.

Here while back when Phil came to our church he prophesied over me and my husband that the financial blessings were going to start pouring into our life. Well the last 2 months the Lord has really been blessing our family. I got a new and better job, many financial miracles have been coming through and I had just started my job but they still let me off to go to the World Missions Conference in Branson this year. We give God all of the glory. A.M.

At Fountain of Life Church in Bloomington, Illinois Phil prophesied various financial blessings over the congregation including debts being reduced/cancelled and money coming in the mail. I received it and have stood on all the blessings he spoke over us. Shortly after that meeting my insurance agent called and said to be expecting a check in the mail - $100! - and we received a notice that a bill with a collection agency had been cut in half! Praise God!! I decided I needed to testify to it as well as rejoice over it myself. God is good! E.

Bro. Phil Rich gave a prophetic word in our September, 2007 meeting in Mountain Home, AR that my husband and I would receive a lump sum of money soon. That happened one week later, we received $1200 from an unexpected source. We honor the prophet but give praise to the Lord Jesus Christ. JW

Two years ago Phil Rich was at our church and prophesied over me saying that God was so upset that the devil had stolen my inheritance that He was going to make him repay with interest. In February 2008 I lost my job. This did not have me worried. I found out I had a retirement of $43,000 after just six years. And that did not include my 401K. God repaid with interest. B.B.

In a meeting in Mtn. Home the Lord blessed us through Prophet Phil and the people with the finances we needed to move into our new home. Both of these blessings are a result of our partnership and covenant relationship with Prophet Phil and his ministry. R. & M.B.

The Lord led me to enter into a covenant relationship with Phil Rich as my apostle and prophet in November, 2007. I began giving in faith according to 2 Chronicles 20:20. Then when Phil visited Christ Assembly in January 2008, I gave three times my regular commitment. Within three weeks I received a financial breakthrough! One case I was involved in at work resulted in three times the expected compensation. I received $20,000. Two of my stock picks rose over 30% in a down stock market. By coming into covenant relationship where you give into Ekklisia Prophetic Apostolic Ministries you too can experience overflow and divine harvest into your destiny in Jesus Christ. G.P.

Excellent teaching! We gave sacrificially into your offering, when you were in Northwest Arkansas, Bella Vista and the next week my husband made $1,100 at his job! (He is retirement age, on a pension and social security, but works part-time selling newspaper subscriptions! He only worked 26 hours that week and made that much! He told me he could barely keep up with all the orders he was writing! I also got a manifested healing that night! E.L.

I wanted to bless and thank Brother Phil. I was in Merrillville, IN after a trial in my life and received confirmation that a decision I was making or had made was the right one and that God would bless me abundantly. With all that being said, that was the intent of what God was trying to do in my life. I had received scripture and words from God 1 week prior and Phil was right on. I also sowed into Phil's ministry with money I thought I needed, however, God blessed me even more with sales of over $10,000 the next day and every day since, and a check in the mail for $100 over what I sowed. The blessings keep coming. Thank you so much Brother Phil for being an amazing vessel for God!! S. C.

Last month Brother Phil spoke encouraging words stating to sow into good soil, God's Kingdom. When we do this and give our all and give from our heart we will be blessed. I gave a love offering to the Ministry and said to myself I am sorry but this is really all I have. Maybe next time. But I was obedient because that was the amount I heard from God. Later Bro. Phil said he heard the Name Mike and then Michael. He asked if anyone had a Mike to stand. Well, I have them both. (husband & son). He came over held my had and proceeded to tell me blessing was coming for Mike. Some finances / promotion past him by and God was going to give it back to him. Then he continued and said the Michael had some money held up and was going to be released to him. Ok here's the power of God. We were overdrawn in our checking account by $700.00, a mistake had been made. I asked where were we going to get that much money? Well my sister lent us the money. I went to deposit it and when the bank gave me my receipt we now had over a $1400.00 balance,. I went online, went over & over the account and could not find when we were ever in the negative. (supernatural deposit) That's not the end. In the mean time we knew that we had to pay my sister back so we decided to sell some stock. When we called our broker he checked into our account and called us back and said we had a check that has been cut and was waiting for our signature to send it. That check was cut over a year ago when we bought our house. God has perfect timing. Believe, Receive and Trust!!!! S.O.

Brother Phil came and prophesied a financial breakthrough for our family. Within one week my husband got a $3.00 per hour raise. J. H., Portage, INWhen Phil Rich was at our church in August, 2006 I approached him as he left the building. I had been plagued by worry for years and as a result had been sick with different illnesses from colitis to my hair coming out in chunks. He told me it was a generational curse and broke it off of me. I have never felt so free in all of my life. Thank you for taking time to pray for me. I am forever changed. A giver by nature I am finding that blessings follow when I give into Ekklisia. I gave a sacrificial gift when he was last here and have received that amount many times over. It is amazing. H.J

After you visited us in Port Neches, Texas I made a list of all the debt my wife and I currently owe. I prayed that God would bring us out of debt by the end of 2005. Well, the Lord placed on my heart to sow $1000 into the prophetic ministry and to trust him for a breakthrough. So I set my mind to sow and not even a full week later, we completely paid off all our credit card debt (over $15,000) and still had money left over to complete all the needed remodeling and repair to our home from the recent storm. Praise Jesus for His blessing. S.S.